Thermomanipulation Plate for RiboFlow Tests

08.05.2014 , created by Manfred Schinkinger

Improved Assay Processing possible

The new thermomanipulation platform for Riboflow enables users to optimise test processing of any RiboFlow® molecularbiological assay provided by SY-LAB.

The plate has been designed to fit perfectly into the IL10 Mini Incubator enabling the parallel incubation of up to 32 tests directly on the benchtop and close to sample processing.

The aluminium core will ensure proper temperature transfer to the RiboFlow cassettes and will also function as a temperature buffer during manipulation. Samples can be added to the cassettes without removing them from the manipulation plate.

The photo documentation after the incubation has been finished is also facilitated by the new plate. No need anymore to remove and handle the cassette just take a picture.  The temperature buffer coming from the aluminium core will also prolong the time span for result evaluation and documentation. The plate should be kept like a shelf in the incubator when not in use to keep the desired temperature.


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