How to find us

Coming from the west:
From the motorway A1 (Salzburg, Linz) exit at Pressbaum and continue to Vienna via local road B44, pass a small lake and cross Tullnerbach and after a AVANTI petrol station on the right side of the road you see our building.

Coming from the east:
From the motorway A4 (Budapest, Bratislava) you pass the International Airport Vienna, Schwechat and continue towards Vienna, when you see signposts to Linz/Graz, turn right to the city highway A23, then pass a small tunnel and follow the direction "Wiental", follow this road always straight and finally it will lead you downwards where you can see the park of castle Schönbrunn on your left side. At the bottom follow the signposts "Wiental" and Linz, this road is called "Hadikgasse" follow it until you see the A1 motorway entry to Linz, but at the same point turn right to B1 Purkersdorf. you will pass a small industrial area with the AUHOF shopping center, then drive straight over a small place and continue the B1, soon Vienna ends and you will see the Purkersdorf city limits. The third traffic light (you see the ambulance and fire brigade on the left side) turn left to Pressbaum/Wienerwaldsee. From there after 2,5 km you see SY-LAB on your left side.  

Coming from the south:
Follow the A2 (Graz, Leoben) close to Vienna (Wiener Neudorf) and turn right to "Wiental" and follow this sign soon with a left turn. This way leads you to the same road coming down to Schönbrunn castle (coming from the east).  

Coming from the north:
Either from the B2 (Brno, Hollabrunn), the B3 (Krems), or the B4 (Praha, Horn) follow signposts to Tulln, cross the Danube and continue to the B1. At the B1 turn left, cross a small mountain (Riederberg), pass the village Gablitz, enter Purkersdorf, turn at a traffic light in the centre of Purkersdorf to Vienna and turn at the following 2. traffic light (here is the Ambulance and Firebrigade) to the right, to Pressbaum. After 2,5 km you will find SY-LAB on the left hand side.