New Listeria Protocol for BacTrac Impedance Analyzers

11.05.2014 , created by Manfred Schinkinger

Listeria Results within 2 days

The new BacTrac Listeria protocol is based on a new media formulation developed by Oxoid and adapted for the BacTrac Impedance analysis by SY-LAB.

Using BiMedia 404A - Oxoid One Bouillon Listeria, the Listeria impedance protocol is now shortened and facilitated to give results within 2 days. 

A second advantage is that only one media formulation has to be used for sample pre-enrichment and BacTrac impedance enrichment just using a two step protocol.

Positive impedance results can be confirmed within apprx. 30 minutes using the newly developed RiboFlow-Listeria Twin biomolecular lateral flow assay.

The new BiMedia 404A together with the corresponding BacTrac protocol will replace the former protocol based on BiMedia 401A impedance media and FDA-Bouillon for pre-enrichment. 

The detailed application note is available in the download area.


  • SY-LAB Microbiology