RiboFlow Accessories

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Mini Incubator IL10

with front door window
Temp. range ambient +5°C to 70°C
Temp. constancy ± 0,5°C at 37°C
285 x 280 x 335 WxDxH (external)
Nom. power consumption: 70W
Weight: 8,3 kg
Order No.: 51-410100

Thermo-Manipulation platform

Aluminium platform for 18 RiboFlow Cassettes
175 x 225 x 18 mm (T x L x H)
max. 2 plates per IL10 Incubator
Order No.: 51-410110

Micro Centrifuge M08

Microprocessor controlled
Unique 8 tube closed rotor design
immediate stop when lid is opened
max 6000 rpm = 2000 g RCF
Order No.: 51-410000