nox.18 - The new square jar - making anaerobic incubation much simpler

The new nox.18 square anaerobic jar that fits microtiter plates for your microbiology cultures under anaerobic conditions and makes anaerobic cultures much simpler.

This unique product is designed to use with any microplate in line with the standard SBS format (microtiter plates, deepwell plates) for your cultures under anaerobic conditions.  The nox.18 anaerobic jar will also accommodate Petri dishes or large test tubes and bottles.

nox.18 enables the use of multiple jar gassing systems, anaerobic chambers and GasPak applications.
The transparent lid facilitates the view on the samples and atmosphere indicators at any time.




  • Manometer for monitoring evacuation and gassing processes
  • CPC quick connector for gas Exchange using anaerobic gassing Systems (e.g.Petrisphere)






nox.18 Anaerobic Jar


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Advantages of nox.18 Anaerobic Jar

Reduced workload
Simple Testing
Secure technology
No expensive instrumentation

Technical Specifications


Volume:18 litre
Internal dimensions:               297 x 210 x 292 mm (w x d x h)
External dimensions:340 x 262 x 361 mm ( w x d x h)
Material jar:stainless steel, sanded, varnished on outside 
Material lid:Polymethymethylacrylate (PMMA)
Weight:9 kg (without racks)





  • 2 racks each fitting 32 (64 total) standard 96 well microplates
  • 64 (2 x 32) standard Petri dishes


2 racks per jar required !




  • square anaerobic jar
  • small footprint
  • high sample capacity
  • transparent lid
  • Manometer for gas exchange control
  • quick connector for jar gassing systems
  • lid fixed to housing
  • easy cleaning and disinfection