A wide range of AmpMedia products are available for the detection and quantification of various microorganisms. All AmpMedia products are available ready to use in liquid form. AmpMedia are supplemented with different indicator systems.  Selection of the appropriate indicator system is driven by the specific application.

As the LabImager TR is capable of the detection of any colour change, alongside with pH and redox indicators, the whole currently and prospectively available chromogenic indicator system range can be used. Fluorogenic substrates can also be used when the uv-imager's UV detection system will be used for detection.
The formulas of the SY-LAB AmpMedia products have been optimized to meet the requirements of the AMP-6000® technology, and their composition is appropriately protected.

AmpMedia products are exclusively available from SY-LAB or via the appointed international distributors.

Advantages of AmpMedia

Reduced workload
Simple Testing
earlier product release
automated documentation
Automated Calculation of Results

Sy-Lab AmpMedia products come along ready to use with all the supplements and additves necessary to perform the requested tests. There is no need for additional components to be purchased elsewhere.

 Please refer to the package insert for details of use.

QC certificates and MSDS are available for download in the service and download area.


Product list AmpMedia

Cat. No.Description

AmpMedia 003 for Total Aerobic Mesophilic bacteria enumeration,
60 tests per box.


AmpMedia 142 for Enterobacteriaceae enumeration,
60 tests per box.


AmpMedia 666 for enumeration of Cheese spoiling Clostridia,
180 tests per box.


AmpMedia 666 for enumeration of Cheese spoiling Clostridia,
15 bottles à 250 ml = 600 tests per box.

62-166601AmpMedia 666 for enumeration of Cheese spoiling Clostridia,
2 bottles à 250 ml = 80 tests per box.

AmpMedia 666 for enumeration of Cheese spoiling Clostridia, Set for SBS tube application (120 tests) incl. gas-permeable seals

Product List AmpMedia Accessoires

Cat. No.Description

Microtiter plates, sterile, 50 pcs /box

62-503050+Lids f. microtiter plates, sterile, 50 pcs /box
62-502051Microtiter plates, sterile, 10 x 5 pcs /box
62-503051Lids f. microtiter plates, sterile, 10 x 5 pcs /box

Deepwell plates incl. gas permeable seals, sterile, 100 pcs /box


Pipette tips for AMP-6000 APS, sterile, 24 packs à 96 tips,
for a total of 288 tests


Sample Reservoir 30 ml, 4 wells, sterile, 12 x 5 pcs = 240 tests

62-505560Sample Reservoir 30 ml, 4 wells, sterile, 60 x 5 pcs = 1200 tests

Sample Reservoir 50 ml, 4 wells, sterile, 18 pcs = 72 tests

62-505012Sample Reservoir 12 ml, 8 wells, sterile, 12 x 4 pcs = 384 tests
62-506008Media Reservoir 80 ml, sterile, 8 x 5 pcs = 160 tests
62-502360Micro tube racks with 1.2 ml tube strips (8 tubes/strip, 12 strips/rack), sterile, 10 racks/box
62-5024601.2 ml tube strips (8 tubes/strip), sterile, 120 strips/pack

Sample pasteurisation vial incl. filter insert for Clostridia testing,
sterile, 60 vials

The areas of AmpMedia

Available tests & FAQs

Hygene indicators

  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Total aerobic mesophilic counts (TMAC)

Special areas

  • Clostridia